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In the heart of Romagna, a land of traditions, it comes from the expert hands of artisans of style, White Sand. The study and research of influences from the Far East intertwine with Italian warmth and flavor, creating defined lines and simple, delicate, never intrusive colors.

The evolution of the soul of two opposing worlds shapes a neoclassical and innovative line.

Elegant and informal, the fittings enclose the inspiration to the distant Japanese island. The care of every little detail develops the harmony between the materials and the design, balancing the union of two ancient but always avant-garde cultures, precursors and representatives of a timeless taste. Dedicated to those who dare to experiment with new perspectives, White Sand marks the point of arrival, or perhaps the starting point, of the culture that ventures innovation.


The White Sand woman is a multitasker who is always on the go. In situations of work, family, free time, holidays and socialising, she can solve the enigma of the “home, office, evening, travel” summer outfit in a whirl of alternative but indispensable models, precisely because they become sporty with the addition of cool sneakers and glamorous by wearing high heels.

The White Sand spring/summer 2021 collection is composed of four different stories, almost like capsule collections but united by a single thread: “Naturotica”. A concept that combines nature, science and technology in skilfully mixed materials and fits - from the most natural to the most avant-garde – perfectly summed up in the White Sand string symbol, completed by a refined Star jewel in metal and a gemstone.

The first line is formal and luxurious. Created on the “black and white bling” theme, it is dedicated to dynamic women who are also involved in high-society occasions. The materials are suitable for any time of the day: polished poplin, feather-light taffeta, trousers for “black-tie” events. In addition to the colours in the name of this mood, there are narrow pyjama stripes, discrete checks, shiny black belts, and sparkling golds.

The collection continues with the second capsule, “luxury Indigo”: elegant and understated, this normally casual palette radiates conservative allure.
Denim-effect trousers with sequined pinstripes, brilliantly coloured chambray, chic tie dye checks, to be mixed with art nouveau-style flowers, white canvases with romantic patterns in see-through blue, fine materials bordering on the technical and mixed in a range of blues and a bizarre pink that makes everything fun, accessories included, for long, majestic models.

For more relaxed moments, the mood is “Green Paradise”, designed for warriors manoeuvring in the urban jungle, on exotic beaches and in the long-desired expanses of green. Free time with basic details inspired by the male universe, like laces in natural colour and military green, but contaminated with glossy laminates; khaki colours softened by ultralight cotton fabrics, macro checks and TV stripes, natural and woven linens, figurative prints of vegetable patterns that create new Camouflage, X cargo and oversize trousers.

Lastly, the collection also includes “POP Accents”, frivolous, appealing and fun in a way that only W.S. has always been, a small package in primary colours yellow, red, blue, all intentionally veering towards “wrong” shades and mixed with stripes of various sizes, patterns with flowing colours that create macro checks, “fleuron” prints borrowed from antique linens, enlarged and brightened by butter-coloured linen, lightweight active materials with a crisp but soft effect in which white is always present.


For the season, White Sand presents an ingenious interpretation of the essential garments in a wardrobe characterised by informal elegance.
The reinterpretation of men’s garments includes various suggestions featuring elements of informal elegance in addition to attention to the smallest details typical of Italian tailoring.

Iconic models with elasticised and tape waists in various colours and materials appear with new hippy-inspired elements or Aztec patterns. Imagination and flair are expressed in camouflage trousers with animal patchwork, Bermuda shorts with Japanese prints, and trousers with slimmer but cleaner lines and surprising embroidery.

A variegated context with a multitude of suggestions and memories, without forgetting the international and multicultural stylistic concept.
Colours are warm and luminous shades of white - creamy, biscuit - and grey tones are joined by the brand’s bolder and more iconic colours like navy blue and military green.

The preferred materials for the season are linen, seersucker, cotton, stretch cotton and cotton poplin. For beating the summer heat while remaining stylish, White Sand has also designed trousers in cool wool or fine technical fabrics.
Once again the collection is enriched with denim in a summer version: lightweight, cool and very soft, it is the garment preferred by men who choose a sporty look and character for day and evening wear.

The WhiteSand summer promises to be full of innovations and in which the iconic models for women and men mix with new suggestions, giving all the garments a strong personality.