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In the heart of Romagna, a land of traditions, it comes from the expert hands of artisans of style, White Sand. The study and research of influences from the Far East intertwine with Italian warmth and flavor, creating defined lines and simple, delicate, never intrusive colors.

The evolution of the soul of two opposing worlds shapes a neoclassical and innovative line.

Elegant and informal, the fittings enclose the inspiration to the distant Japanese island. The care of every little detail develops the harmony between the materials and the design, balancing the union of two ancient but always avant-garde cultures, precursors and representatives of a timeless taste. Dedicated to those who dare to experiment with new perspectives, White Sand marks the point of arrival, or perhaps the starting point, of the culture that ventures innovation.


White Sand, the contemporary brand adept at re-imagining utility trousers, presents a new collection exploring style and materials, with all eyes on quality.

For the FW20/21 collection, small details and new features enhance the pared-down, minimalist style that has set the brand from Romagna apart since the very beginning, taking the practical and innovative ideas at the heart of its DNA even further.

The menswear collection continues with the theme of casual elegance, combining Japanese-inspired fits with the painstaking attention to each detail typical of Italian craftsmanship.
New fits have been introduced alongside iconic models with belted elastic waists in a range of colours and materials.

Urban style blends together with new military inspirations, carefully measured and enhanced by different kinds of details, including patchwork appliqués, new camouflage prints and hand-painted features. Warm and bright neutral tones, desaturated shades and hints of bold colour: navy blue, shades of grey, beige, cream and military green accompanied by undertones ranging from olive green to teal.

Made from heavyweight cotton drill fabric, as well as denim, nylon and wool, the White Sand trouser is an icon of bold menswear, which, for winter, has been made available in warmer fabrics, such as corduroy and moleskin, without compromising its strength.

There’s one word for women wearing White Sand next winter: eclectic. From different worlds, they choose what they identify most closely with and what symbolises them at the time. Women’s trousers include figure-highlighting pairs and roomy palazzo silhouettes, and military-style outfits are minimalist and precise. They mix things up, dare, and glide through the urban jungle of world cities with self-assured aplomb.
Confident and colourful, they stay true to themselves and stand out from the crowd with no-nonsense prints (especially check and stripes), floral flocking or monotone colours.

The extensive palette offers warm, enveloping tones of orange, pink, fuchsia and burgundy, as well as more relaxing and welcoming shades of beige, grey and white. What about cold colours? Green and blue are inspired by the colours of nature—a theme more current now than ever before. Next winter will see blue with contrasting black detailing.

Velvet trousers, timeless must-haves, pairs exquisite to the touch and those whose magical ability to reflect light is a sight to behold. Ribbed pairs are the most glamorous, recreating that subtle urban style. Comfy and sexy knit or jersey trousers sit alongside moleskin and organza pairs. And, last but not least, jeans, which, trend after trend, remain the most irresistible and timeless pair of all. Here, denim has been reworked into comfort-fit pairs with the brand’s signature adjustable lace fastening.

The small black stone on the pockets is a distinctive addition that enhances each garment and draws even the least-attentive eyes.