SICILIA between nature and culture

Sicily is the largest Italian island that, with six declared sites “UNESCO World Heritage, preserves cultural and natural treasures of inestimable beauty.
Here are ancient villages such as Catania, Cefalù, Milazzo and Erice, where noble buildings wedged between narrow alleys suddenly leave room for breathtaking views; you can go up Etna, a dormant volcano that with its lunar terrain and continuous puffs will never cease to fascinate;
take a walk between the sea and the mountains at Capo Milazzo, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea together with its suggestive lighthouse; meet the salt pans of Mothia, an enchanted and evocative place like few others with the unforgettable expanse of salt dotted with windmills; disembarks on the island of Vulcano, black as the land from which it originates;
one remains open-mouthed before the perfection of the temple of Segesta; one feels protected by the towers that guard the Scopello tuna trap and its beautiful bay.

Discovering Segesta, an archaeological park protected by the Doric Great Temple
built on the top of a hill in a magical panorama.