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for every occasion
Established in London in 1988, Fiorelli was born out of a desire for function and innovative design.
We have stayed true to our core values of creating stylish and affordable accessories, that effortlessly work in women’s everyday lives. With quality and versatility at the forefront, we have evolved with our customers to cater to their needs, allowing them to feel confident for every occasion.
Today, Fiorelli is a highly respected accessories brand within the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. We have continued to build upon our strong foundation and have acquired a loyal and engaged customer base, creating a demand for global expansion. As it did in 1988, Fiorelli stands for quality, creativity and maintains a continual commitment to developing accessories that fit perfectly into a contemporary lifestyle.

Authentic design
Our in-house design team approach each season with the same mantra – form follows function – always. We aim to create beautiful accessories that are versatile.
This approach to doing things properly is a very British concept. We believe in not over-designing and instead to create pieces that are well considered and true to our identity. This feeds into the idea that we want to develop pieces that are going to last, both style and quality wise.
The designers take inspiration from everywhere; travel, vintage clothing and accessories, photography, film, nature and everything in-between.
Most importantly we listen to our customers, what their needs are, what they want to wear and what makes them feel good.

1980 Fiorelli is born as the brainchild of a marketing guru in Australia working for Dunlop.
1988 The Fiorelli Brand is Lunched in UK.
1995 UK company The Lun an Group buy the Fiorelli name and launchthe brand.
1996 Fiorelli is launched inScandinavia
2007 Fiorelli is launched in Germany & Benelux.
2009 is launched as a transactional website. Fiorelli is launched in Greece in March 2009
2010 Fiorelli is launched in Austria in September 2009.Fiolelli is launched in Japan.
2011 Fiorelli is launched in Russia.
Complete Rebrand of Fiorelli.introducting three distinct collections.
2018 Fiorelli opens it‘s flagship store in London.
2019 Fiorelli expands further into the US market.